pirouette 4.5, lineup 3.5 and instep 3.5 released

in the past our software products have been locked to a single computer with our static software license. with this product release we have added a usb hardware dongle license option. the dongle will offer our users the flexibility to take a license with them to any computer system without any further communication with infometrix, making it particularly useful for the process industry and remote applications that have limited or restricted internet/networking access.

press release

infometrix announces an agreement with northwest analytical to incorporate pirouette technology into their quality analyst spc system.

multivariate measurements are ubiquitous in modern chemistry settings, and the analyst is burdened with interpreting this mountain of data. infometrix offers products and services to assist with this task. our software includes current tools and technologies from the field of chemometrics presented in a friendly and easy-to-use interface. our research and development efforts are directed toward software that will be completely integrated with instrumentation to provide better solutions to complex problems in chemistry, engineering and other sciences.

since 1978, infometrix has been developing chemometrics tools and has produced a series of chemometrics software packages, as well as a variety of chemometrics solutions specially bundled for analytical instrument companies. for example:

  • infometrix and northwest analytical have joined forces to build a multivariate statistical process control system integrating the multivariate modeling of pirouette with the award winning spc charting and analysis software solution providing the best combination of power, flexibility, and ease of use of any spc software available. it integrates with all major manufacturing information systems. quality analyst is used by more than 5,000 manufacturers to analyze plant data for vendor certification, regulatory compliance, process improvement, and cost reduction.
  • bio-rad laboratories, inc., informatics division, and infometrix, inc. have created the knowitall® metabolomics edition, integrating bio-rad's award-winning technology with pirouette's principal component analysis (pca). the combination creates the world's first end-to-end informatics and chemometrics system for processing, data management, analysis, and reporting of nmr, optical spectroscopy or mass spectrometry data from metabolomics experiments.
  • falcon produces the calidus instrument, a revolutionary, fast, full-featured gas chromatograph which incorporates the infometrix lineup software to eliminate retention time variability. the software bundle makes for a very robust instrument - simplifies the transfer of methods from one gc to another without modifications, thus allowing you to overlay raw data from multiple instruments.
the infometrix mission is to provide high quality, easy-to-use software for the handling of multivariate data.

thank you for visiting our site. if you are thinking about visiting us in person, we are located in a facility overlooking the sammamish river in bothell, washington, a small community 20 miles northeast of downtown seattle.

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