Technical and Application Notes

The following documents illustrate applications for which Infometrix products have been designed. Although not exhaustive, these notes provide examples in the field where the technology has found use. The applications span most sources of multivariate data with emphasis on the traditional applications in optical spectroscopy, chromatography and discrete measurement sources. A section at the end relates applications for Infometrix instrument company partners.

These application notes are in portable document format, viewable with Adobe's Acrobat Reader.

ApplicationNote TypeData SourceAlgorithm
Octane NumberANNIRPLS
Dairy & Grain PropertiesAONIRPLS
Chemometrics in ChromatographyAOGC,LCClassify,Regress
Food and Beverage OverviewAONIRClassify,Regress
Environmental Science OverviewAOGCClassify,Regress
Plant OptimizationAOPhysPCA,HCA,PLS
Factor-Based RegressionTNPLS,PCR
Pirouette AlgorithmsTN
E-Nose ApproachesANMSPCA
HSMS E-Nose ApplicationsANMS
Oil Mixtures in MargarineANGCALS
Analysis of Petroleum MixturesANGCALS
Automated Interpretation of ChromatogramsPNGCAlign
Curve Resolution of NaphthalenesANGCMCR
Cancer ScreeningANNMRKNN
Trans-Fat in FoodANGCALS
Align Chromatographic ProfilesPNGCAlign
Mixture Analysis for MetabonomicsANNMRALS
Automated AlignmentABGCAlign
Process ChromatographyABGCAlign
Monitoring HydrocarbonsABGCPCA
Steady State ProcessingABPhysicalPCA
Apportioning OilsABGCALS
Aligning Crude OilsABGCAlign
Chemometrics for MetabonomicsANMSPCA
Bio-Rad's Informatics Division specializes in state-of-the-art software and database solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and chemical industries. Their KnowItAll Informatics System offers a fully integrated environment with complete software and database solutions for chemical, analytical, and biological information.
Metabonomics Mixtures NMRPCA
Reaction Monitoring with Raman RamanPCA
Mycobacteria Discrimination with PCA LCPCA
Characterizing Refinery Products GCPCA
Biomarker Identification NMRPCA
Gerstel GmbH sells the ChemSensor, which combines an Agilent mass spectrometer (MSD) with Pirouette and InStep to yield a rapid screening tool for the petroleum, food, environmental and pharmaceutical industries. Most of the applications are focused on headspace analysis, but other technologies such as SPME are supported.
Analysis of FlavorsHSMSPCA
Analysis of Food and BeveragesHSMSPCA,SIMCA
Rapid ScreeningHSMSSIMCA
Whiskey AdulterationHSMSPCA,SIMCA,PCR
Spoilage DetectionHSMSPCA,HCA,SIMCA
AC Analytical Controls bundles the chromatographic alignment tool LineUp with their detailed hydrocarbon analysis (DHA) system. Based on the Agilent 6890 and 6850 GCs, the AC DHA product substantially improves the reliability of assigning more than 900 reference components of gasoline for routine quality control work.
Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis GCAlign
Analytical Specialties, Inc. uses both LineUp and InStep to allow multivariate interpretations of chromatographic traces in real time. The product, MicroFast GC, is a rapid means of doing quality control assessments using a rapid response FID instrument in a compact package.
Fugitive Hydrocarbon Monitoring  GCSIMCA