Previous Events

CPAC Summer Institute, Seattle, WA
6/2011Chemometrics for Process Analytics: Data Alignment
Minnesota Chromatography Forum, Minneapolis, MN
5/12/2011Chromatographic Pattern Recognition in Flavors, Fragrances and Food
5/12/2011Identification and Quantitation of Pollutants in Mixed Source Environments
IFPAC 2011 Annual Meeting - Baltimore, MD
1/17/2011Improved Real-Time Alignment to Assist Process Measurements
Pittcon Conference & Expo, Orlando, FL, February 28-March 4, 2010
3/2/2010Making Process GC Plug and Play
3/3/2010Evaluation of Dioxin Patterns to Apportion Pollution Sources
Pittcon Conference & Expo, Chicago, IL, March 8-13, 2009
3/12/2009Automating Chromatographic Interpretation for Quality Control and Process Applications
Eastern Analytical Symposium, Somerset, NJ, November 17-20, 2008
11/18/2008An Applications Overview of Multivariate Curve Resolution
FACSS 2008, Reno, NV, September 28-October 2, 2008
10/1/2008Chromatographic Alignment for Improved Multivariate Analysis
10/2/2008Interplay of Chemometrics and Large-Scale Databases
53rd ISA Analysis Division Symposium - Calgary, AB, April 20-24, 2008
4/21/2008Towards a More Robust Process GC
Pittcon - New Orleans, LA, March 2-6, 2008
3/3/2008PAT and Informatics
3/3/2008Extracting Biological Significance from NMR-Based Metabolomics Data
IFPAC 2008 Annual Meeting - Baltimore, MD
1/28/2008The Chemometrics for On-Line Process Analytics Initiative
1/28/2008Borrowing from the Laboratory for Process Analytics
1/28/2008Deployment of a Multi-User Web-Based Chemometric Prediction Engine
1/28/2008Moving Toward a Data Rich COPA Environment
1/29/2008Advanced Computing for Process Gas Chromatographs
1/28/2008Application of Correlation Optimized Warping for Quantitative HPLC Analysis of Amino Acids
1/29/2008Robust Compact GC
1/29/2008Micro Simulated Distillation Gas Chromatography for Refined Products
FACSS 2007 - Memphis, TN
The chemometrics role in on-line chromatography
IFPAC/PAT Summit 2007 - San Juan, Puerto Rico
6/14/2007Chemometrics for PAT
AAPG Annual Convention 2007 - Long Beach, CA
4/1/2007Geochemistry And Chemometrics For Oil-Oil And Oil-Source Rock Correlations, short course on chemometrics
4/2/2007Predicting Physicochemical Properties of Upper Jurassic Circum-Arctic Crude Oil
4/3/2007Convoluting Mixed Crude Oils in Prudhoe Bay Field Using Chemometrics
Pittcon 2007 - Chicago, IL
2/26/2007Overlap Density Heatmaps: A Novel Method for Visualizing and Evaluating the Similarities and Dissimilarities in Metabolomics Data Sets
2/27/2007Multivariate Analyses of Selected Biomarkers and Isotopes from Circum-Arctic Crude Oils
2/27/2007Comparison of Chromatographic Alignment Procedures in Multivariate Analysis of Process GC
2/27/2007HPLC and Principal Component Analysis for Identification of Mycobacterial Strain
IFPAC 2007 - Baltimore, MD
1/28/2007Chemometrics for PAT, short course
1/30/2007Micro Analytical GC System for Tea Aroma in Product Quality Control
1/30/2007The COPA Initiative
1/30/2007TB or not TB: lessons learned from a 20-year deployment
1/30/2007Retention Time Adjustment Using Pattern Recognition Techniques
1/30/2007Naphtha Product Spill and Leak Detection in Shared Process Cooling Water
ALAGO 2006 - Salvador Brazil
11/5/2006Geochemical-Chemometric Correlation to Establish Petroleum Systems, short course on chemometrics
Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry 2006 - Águas de Lindóia, Brazil
9/13/2006Multivariate Analysis of Circum-Arctic Oils
232nd ACS National Meeting - San Francisco, CA
9/11/2006Application of overlap density heatmaps in the multivariate analysis of metabolomic data
9/12/2006Toward diagnosis of diabetes by NMR and multivariate analysis: Study of 1H NMR spectra of human serum in an integrated working environment
Second Scientific Meeting of the Metabolomics Society 2006 - Boston MA
6/25/2006From NMR FIDs to Biomarker Candidates: A Seamlessly Integrated Working Environment for NMR-Based Metabolomics Analysis
6/27/2006Overlap Density Heatmaps: A Novel Method For Visualizing And Evaluating The (Dis)Similarity Among Multiple Spectra
102nd Annual Meeting of the Cordilleran Section, Geological Society of America 2006 - Anchorage AK
5/9/2006Use Of A New Circum-Arctic Chemometric Model To Study Mixtures Of Shublik And Younger Oils In Northern Alaska
Featured in Petroleum News
American Association of Petroleum Geologists 2006 - Houston TX
4/10/2006Data Mining: How the Forest Can Help See the Trees
Pittcon 2006 - Orlando FL
3/12/2006KnowItAll Metabolomics Edition
3/13/2006Correcting retention time shifts in chromatography for improved data analysis
3/14/2006An Efficient Working Environment for Metabonomics
3/15/2006Finally, Something Useful from the IT Department
IFPAC 2006 - Arlington VA
2/22/2006The CPAC NeSSI GC Initiative
2/22/2006Highly Reactive Volatile Organic Carbon in Ambient Air by Micro Gas Chromatography
2/23/2006Chemometrics for On-Line Process Analytics
International Meeting of Organic Geochemisty 2005 - Seville, Spain
9/13/2005Unravelling Mixed Oils Using Multivariate Statistical Analysis
9/13/2005Circum-Arctic Petroleum Systems Identified Using Biomarkers, Isotopes, and a New Chemometric Approach
Congresso Brasileiro de Química 2005 - Belém, Brazil
9/20/2005Quimiometria: aproveite os beneficios de análise multivariada, short course on chemometrics
Featured in Revista de Química Industrial, by Erika Hanssen Madaleno
Pittcon 2005 - Orlando FL
2/28/2005Fat: Getting a Handle
3/1/2005Using Gas Chromatography and Curve Resolution to Quantify Contributions to Mixed Crude Oils
3/1/2005Improving Reliability of Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis through Automated Alignment of Chromatograms
3/2/2005Comparison of Mechanisms for Extracting Biomarkers
IFPAC 2005 - Arlington VA
1/10/2005The Data Processing Role in Rapid Response Trouble Shooting (handling fast GC data)
Chemometrics Processing using ActiveX
Gulf Coast Conference 2005 -
10/18/2005Software-controlled elimination of retention time drift
10/18/2005Using fast GC to sense process upsets
10/18/2005Effective use of software for processing fast GC data
10/18/2005Finally, something useful from the IT department
IFPAC 2004 -
Improving Precision of Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis through Automated Alignment of Chromatograms
Gulf Coast Conference 2004 -
Improving Precision of GC Analysis through Streamlined Alignment of Chromatograms
Automating Interpretation of Chromatograms for both Upstream and Downstream Applications
Apportioning Sources for Mixed Crude Oils
Eastern Analytical Symposium 2004
Aligning Chromatograms On Demand
Gordon Conference 2003 - South Hadley MA
7/29/2003Mixture Analysis of Air Pollutants in Snow
Gulf Coast Conference 2003
10/21/2003Aligning Chromatograms
Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry 2002 - Seattle WA
9/23/2002Unmixing Complex Chromatograms
9/23/2002Process Control Monitoring
9/23/2002Transfer of Calibration for Classification Applications
HPLC 2000 - Seattle WA
6/26/2000Evaluation of Binning Chromatographic Data for Pattern Recognition
Gulf Coast Conference 2000 -
Fast Screening Using an Intelligent Chemical Sensor
Olfaction & Electronic Nose 1999 -
Use of Electronic Noses for Rapid Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis in the Petroleum Industry
ACS 1997 - Cancun, Mexico
Pattern Recognition Techniques in Petroleum Geochemistry