Comprehensive Chemometrics Modeling Software

Pirouette 4.5, our most comprehensive chemometrics package, is designed specifically for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. Prediction, classification, data exploration and multivariate regression methods are implemented in a single program, and now includes mixture analysis. A simple to use yet very powerful interface facilitates interacting with raw and processed data. Support for many common instrument and data exchange file formats make importing data painless. Thousands of subsets can be created from a single data file, allowing the user to exercise many different what-if scenarios without having to collect additional data. All calculated products are saved in a single file and can be retrieved and manipulated via the Object Manager, a unique data handling system. Transfer of calibration options allow spectra to be adjusted appropriately for prediction with a model from another source. You can even run multiple instances of Pirouette to maximize efficiency.

Even the Pirouette demo has substantial capability. Load any supported file type, including Pirouette native format files, with results present. Use the visualization tools to evaluate your data or data sent to you from a Pirouette user. When you are ready to jump into multivariate analysis, purchase a license to unlock Pirouette's algorithms.

Pirouette® Lite

Exploratory, Classification or Regression Modeling Software

If your application for chemometrics is limited to only exploratory data analysis or to consideration of either classification or regression modeling but not both, Pirouette Lite (Version 4.0) enables you to have the power of the Pirouette environment at a lower price point. All versions of Pirouette Lite include the Exploratory Data Analysis algorithms HCA and PCA. In the regression version, Pirouette Lite includes Partial Least Squares (PLS) and Principal Component Regression (PCR) for constructing, maintaining and storing multivariate regression models as well as Classical Least Squares (CLS). The classification flavor includes K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN) and SIMCA. Pirouette Lite has an easy upgrade pathway to a full version of Pirouette at any time.

You will need to specify whether you want Pirouette Lite for Exploration, Pirouette Lite for Classification or Pirouette Lite for Regression when placing your order. Call if you have questions about the best configuration of Pirouette Lite for your application or look at this comparison of features.