Infometrix Software Products

People choose chemometric software products from Infometrix because of their ease of use and the powerful features provided.

Infometrix Products
Pirouette for Windows, Version 4.5
Comprehensive chemometrics modeling software for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
New license $4900
Upgrade from 3.11 $1900
Upgrade from 4.0 $400
Academic Call for quote
Pirouette Demo
Demonstration package of Pirouette; fully functional with supplied data sets
Download free
CD, shipped domestic $35
CD, shipped overseas Call for quote
Pirouette Lite, Version 4.0
Subproducts of Pirouette*, for those who want only specific capabilities
Pirouette LE - Base package; exploratory data analysis
Pirouette LC - Classification methods added to base package
Pirouette LR - Regression methods added to base package
Pirouette LP - Prediction only
New license: LE $1200
New license: LC $3500
New license: LR $3500
New license: LP $1200
*Legacy products; no upgrade path to the current Pirouette version  
InStep, Version 3.5
Automation of multivariate prediction tasks, allowing for hierarchical decision trees.
New license $1800
Academic Call for quote
LineUp, Version 3.5
An alignment utility for chromatographic and spectroscopic data. For Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 systems
New license $2200
IPAK, Version 1.5
Infometrix Product Access Kit (prediction only*)
Unit Pricing with Price Breaks
1-pack $1200
5-pack $5000
Full Developers Kit with Support (includes one copy of full Pirouette and two days of consulting) $7000
* IPAK can be configured to include additional features. Please contact Infometrix for volume pricing.
License Dongle $250
Chemometrics Training Class
An on-line application is available (PDF, 400 kb)
One seat $1500