Chemometrics Consulting

Infometrix offers a variety of consulting options from custom software development to chemometric data analysis and training courses specifically tuned to a client's need. The following descriptions and rates are for general programs. Don't hesitate to contact us for an estimate on your specific project.

Service Description Cost per Day*
On-site training, short term consulting Training done at the customer's chosen site and day by day consulting. A balance of training and consulting specifically oriented to the customer's data, or the operation and maintenance of custom software for a laboratory or an on-line application. $2,500.00
Custom chemometrics solutions, long term consulting Custom chemometrics modeling, software development, and the integration of multivariate techniques into specific instrument systems for off and on-line applications. $1,800.00

Infometrix adheres to the strictest rules of customer confidence and security providing quality control and author tracking via adherence to the United States Food and Drug Administration's PAT standards and Title 21 CFR part 11 compliance code.

In addition to custom consulting and training, we also offer periodic 3-day classes in chemometrics at our headquarters in the Seattle, Washington area.

* Expenses are itemized separately at cost plus 10%.